Buying Tips

Acquiring an existing business can be easier than setting up and launching a new business from scratch. The main reason most people buy a small business rather than starting one is for the established infrastructure and ongoing cash flow. But you’ll want to do your research and due diligence before going ahead – especially if you’ve never been in business before.

Some of the items that need to be considered when buying a business include:

  1. How to tell if you’re ready to buy a business
  2. Independent businesses vs franchises
  3. Researching a business
  4. Performing due diligence
  5. Valuing a business
  6. Making an offer
  7. Purchase contracts
  8. Financing a business purchase

The knowledgeable team at SEEK Business have created ‘The ultimate guide to buying a business“. b|broker highly recommends you review this guide in full, especially if you’ve never been in business before.

Purchasing an established business can be complex. Other valuable information on buying an existing business can be found at:

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