Selling Tips


Selling a business can be a complex process requiring adequate preparation and planning, established and proven marketing, and an advisor with the necessary expertise to manage the transaction through to completion. b|broker satisfy all the requirements of this process.

b|broker are experts at facilitating the business sale process having developed procedures and strategies to ensure the sale of each business is successfully completed with efficiency and professionalism.

Listing your business for sale with b|broker will provide you with a structured selling process, give your business access to a large pool of pre-qualified buyers, and expose your business to a wide range of other potential buyers in the market.

The multiple testimonials from previous sellers speak for themselves. b|broker can and will help you through the sale process from start to finish and ensure that you receive the best possible price for your business.

Sale Process

  1. Initial discussion

Call it a meet and greet! This is an opportunity for b|broker to learn a bit about your business. It is also an opportunity for b|broker to provide an overview of the business sale process to you including an outline of fees and charges, information required from you, and what you should expect throughout the sale process.

  1. Valuation

It is vitally important to ensure that your sale price expectations are in line with what b|broker assess as the current market value of your business. First, you will provide some high-level details about your business including Profit and Loss Statements and other financial and non-financial information (information requirements will vary depending on the type of business). b|broker will analyse this information and provide you with a valuation.

  1. b|broker engaged (Exclusive Authority)

Should you decide that now is the right time to sell and you want to engage b|broker to act on your behalf, the next step is to sign an Exclusive Authority. The standard length of exclusivity is 180 days (the exclusive period may be varied depending on the type of business).

  1. Marketing & Sales Strategy

b|broker will produce a comprehensive Information Memorandum for your business whilst simultaneously structuring and implementing a marketing package tailored to your business and the type of buyers that are likely to acquire it. Three main channels are used to gain exposure and generate enquiries for your business:

  • ‘Business for sale’ websites: your business will be widely advertised on all the major ‘business for sale’ portals, inclusive of:

  • Database of pre-qualified buyers: b|broker will actively market your business to our existing buyer network, the numbers of which are in the thousands. This database has proven to be a valuable source to generate leads and ultimately buyers
  • Direct approaches: for particular types of business, b|broker will build an external list of prospects that may have a strategic interest in your business.
  1. Vetting & Prospecting

b|broker will qualify each buyer and make sure they are serious about acquiring a business before providing any information to them. We make sure that no confidential information is disclosed to anyone who isn’t under a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  1. Provision of Information

The Information Memorandum will be provided as a starting point to any registered and qualified buyers. Interested buyers will then normally have further questions and want to meet with you (in person or via a conference call) prior to formulating and submitting an offer.

  1. Offers

When a buyer has become fully informed and is ready to move forward, we will draft a Heads of Agreement (HOA), which states the price, closing timeframe and the main deal terms. b|broker will negotiate on your behalf and help you explore your options and develop counteroffers (if and when necessary) until a HOA is agreed to between both buyer and seller. At this point, the buyer generally places a 10% deposit into a trust account to show good faith and serious consideration.

  1. Due Diligence

Normally the buyer will need to conduct due diligence on your business, which b|broker facilitate to ensure you, and your business, are protected throughout the due diligence process. Due Diligence typically takes between 7 – 21 days, depending on the complexity of the acquisition.

  1. Contract of Sale

Once due diligence is complete, you will need to sign a Contract of Sale with the buyer. This document is a more comprehensive version of the HOA, and is legally binding. We encourage you to seek legal advice for the preparation and execution of the Contract of Sale.

  1. Settlement

At settlement the buyer will pay the balance of the purchase price directly to the vendor (plus or minus any adjustments). The transfer of all business-related assets then take place as outlined in the Contract of Sale. In almost every case, the buyer will require some post-sale training and support. Depending on the nature of the business, this support period can be anywhere from 1 week to 3 months, sometimes even longer. The training and support terms will have been agreed to by both parties in the Contract of Sale.